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Dott E. Ownby (June 27, 1928 - January 24, 2005) spent most of his life serving the Lord at Henderson Chapel Baptist Church after he was baptized in 1943. When his brother, the Reverend T. Lee Owenby became pastor in 1954, he asked Dott to lead the singing, and he did so for eleven other pastors until he passed away. To preserve his memory and musical legacy of singing for the Lord, we hope you enjoy his music.

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Remind Me Dear Lord

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Remind Me Dear LordDott E. Ownby Listen
I've Been Born AgainDott E. Ownby Listen
Without JesusDott E. Ownby Listen
Just A Rose Will DoDott E. Ownby Listen
Take My Hand Precious LordDott E. Ownby Listen
I Have A Longing To GoDott E. Ownby Listen
What Can He DoDott E. Ownby Listen
I Know A Man Who CanDott E. Ownby Listen
Farther AlongDott E. Ownby Listen
Jesus Is Lord Of AllDott E. Ownby Listen
No One Cares For Me Like JesusDott E. Ownby Listen
Tell Someone How Precious He IsDott E. Ownby Listen
Some Golden DaybreakDott E. Ownby Listen
What On Earth Will You Do For JesusDott E. Ownby Listen
Hiding PlaceDott E. Ownby Listen
When He Reached Down His Hand For MeDott E. Ownby Listen
Place Your Hand In The Nail Scarred HandDott E. Ownby Listen
One More ValleyDott E. Ownby Listen
Stand By MeDott E. Ownby Listen
I Want Everybody To See A Little Bit Of Jesus In MeDott E. Ownby Listen
I'd Rather Have JesusDott E. Ownby Listen
Look For Me At Jesus' FeetDott E. Ownby Listen
Who Do You ThinkDott E. Ownby Listen
With My Dear LordDott E. Ownby Listen
Peace In The ValleyDott E. Ownby Listen
SatisfiedDott E. Ownby Listen

Dott Ownby with Family and Friends

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SatisfiedDott E. Ownby Listen
May The Good Lord Never Show You The Back Of His HandDott E. Ownby Listen
I'm Leaving It All In The Hands Of The LordDott & Imogene Ownby Listen
I Shall Go Home In The MorningDott & Imogene Ownby Listen
Not AfraidDott E. Ownby Listen
Jesus Loves Me AnywayDott E. Ownby Listen
Jesus Is The WaymakerDott & Wanda Ruth Ownby Listen
Thank God I'm FreeDott & Wanda Ruth Ownby Listen
He Can Be Depended OnDott E. Ownby Listen
His Tender LoveDott E. Ownby Listen
Justice Called And Mercy AnswersDott & Imogene Ownby; Jay Huskey Listen
When To The Lord I PrayDott & Imogene Ownby; Jay Huskey Listen
After AllDott, Imogene and Michael Ownby; Jay Huskey Listen
Where No One Stands AloneDott E. Ownby Listen
He's Holding To My HandDott E. Ownby Listen
Trials and TribulationsDott & Wanda Ruth Ownby Listen
Jesus Loves MeDott & Michael Ownby Listen
Sweetest Mother (May 10,1988)Dott Ownby with Caroldene White on piano Listen
But It Will Be DifferentDott E. Ownby Listen
There's A Man In HereDott E. Ownby Listen
There Rings A MelodyDott & Imogene Ownby; Craig Mercer Listen
In The GardenDott & Imogene Ownby; Craig Mercer Listen
Listen Sinner ListenDott E. Ownby & Ray Ball Listen
Almost HomeDott & Imogene Ownby Listen
Because He Loved MeDott & Imogene Ownby Listen
God Walks The Dark HillsDott Ownby & The Good News Quartet Listen
SatisfiedDott Ownby & The Good News Quartet Listen
Had It Not Been For CalvaryDott Ownby; Earl & Ruth Reagan Listen
Remember MeDott & Imogene Ownby; Ellis Carpenter Listen
The Sun Coming Up In The MorningDott Ownby and Regina Proffitt Listen
Hiding From The Storms OutsideDott & Imogene Ownby; Reese Helton Listen
Back To The CrossThe Victory Trio Listen
Just Over Yonder (Live 08/10/2003)Dott & Imogene Ownby Listen